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Women are so pissed about being objectified and then they objectify themselves by getting abortion which is literally saying “my body is just a thing I use for sex, not the actual divine purpose it was created for”


Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found it.
The stupidest post on the internet.

That fucktard is missing the entire point of abortion. What if a woman is raped,do you want her,already mentally distraught,to raise a child that will never see their father. What if a woman has a life threatening condition,where having another child can cause death on her. Leaving the child to being forced to go to some hick family that does nothing but abuse and toucher the poor little thing. Women are obligated to their decision, that doesn’t make them whores who don’t want a baby. That makes them smart. And if you can’t understand that, you’re as stupid as the people who let this even be considered against the law.

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Reblog if you’re a girl who likes girls, a boy who likes boys, or a person who believes it shouldn’t matter.





Why hasn’t everybody in the world reblogged this already.

i am a boy who adores other boys… but if you are a girl who likes girls… or a guy or girl who likes the opposite sex… then its cool i’ve got no problems with you… so why should you have problems with me…

I’m a Boy and i like Girls but I think it doesn’t matter ,who you like

I like them all<3

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